I figure since the Book of Life is gonna be opened on Judgment Day anyways, and all the deeds of my life written & told whether good or bad- I might as well get a head start & tell it now…this way, no one will be surprised. Yes, I am a Christian. Saved. Sanctified & Love the Lord. I am successful, married & have two sons. I am Blessed. I pray, read my devotions & go to church on Sunday. I am also a human being with human emotions & human issues. One of them being motherhood…

Saturday, June 24, 2006

Back to Square One

Well, I’m back for a month now, and the vacation reverie has totally worn off. Back to the stressful job, my youngest just graduated and is going to High School, and I’m trying to keep my wits & cool as I deal with my own personal mid-life crisis issues…
I also have a Christian T-shirt business (www.flauntfaith.com) that I am trying to garner business for. Things are rather slow right now. It’s kind of discouraging, but I will keep the faith, and keep plugging away-no matter how bleak things look at times.
I believe that God has given me the vision, and He will provide. I don’t believe he allowed us to come this far to fail.
My accountant said that the first year is usually the hardest, and that you will indeed spend a lot of money to make money. I’m finding this true.
So yes, I am in the struggle of the juggle of a demanding career, family life, and trying to grow a small business…
This blog started as an offshoot of my Flaunt the Faith website. I was to originally chronicle my business experiences good and bad, but it ended up being more of a personal journal. Writing has become a catharsis for me, and for many others who blog.
Well right now I’m having my first production disaster. I have faced many of these crises in the garment industry where I have worked for several years, but this is my own crisis.
My printer made a mistake, and now one of my orders is late. We might have to give a refund on this order. Right now as a growing business, we can use every order we can get. But there are always challenges in the business world.
I guess you deal with it and move on. Lord, help us to remain strong in the faith and not give up as we run Flaunt the Faith.
Through the many years of my Christian walk, and through the ups and downs, the Oswald Chambers daily devotional “My Utmost for His Highest” has proven to be a timeless classic & always right on time. This one speaks to my current challenge:
“Faith to Persevere”

I hope this helps a brother or sister facing any challenge…have a blessed day!!!!