I figure since the Book of Life is gonna be opened on Judgment Day anyways, and all the deeds of my life written & told whether good or bad- I might as well get a head start & tell it now…this way, no one will be surprised. Yes, I am a Christian. Saved. Sanctified & Love the Lord. I am successful, married & have two sons. I am Blessed. I pray, read my devotions & go to church on Sunday. I am also a human being with human emotions & human issues. One of them being motherhood…

Saturday, July 22, 2006

Following the Passion

PassionFest July 8th, 2006

Our Flaunt the Faith venture is officially one year old this month.
Rasheeda and I were vendors at the Passionfest event in Pottstown, PA a few Saturdays
ago. It started out with a blessing- a wonderful lady named Dee came out of nowhere while we were just setting up our tent. “You look like you can use a hand,” she said, and she proceeded to help us set up our brand spanking new canopy.
Although we are “Sistas Doin it for ourselves” we are still girly girls and could use a hand.

“Where are your chairs?” she asked us.

Rasheeda and I looked at each other and realized that in our haste to get on the road, we had forgotten our chairs among a few other things. It was a 2.5 hr drive from Brooklyn, and it was going to be a long day in the sun…

Dee said she’d go to the 99-cent store and get some chairs for us. We both thought-what a great town with nice folks. We know we are no longer in NYC.
It seemed like Dee was back within minutes with chairs for the two of us-
If Dee went to the 99-cent shop, she picked out the top of the line chairs for us and we were able to rest our tired bones when not working…they were top of the line spectator seats with cupholders and everything!!!!!! Dee was our first customer, She bought a T-shirt, and just like that –she was gone…(thanks Dee may the Lord double the blessings back to you!!!)

The day started out a little slow as these festivals sometimes do…the crowds/customers tend to come in waves. We could see the extreme sports events taking place in the distance- the youth were making their way over to the green where skaters and bikers were doing their stunts. We had a relatively good day; -made some nice sales, made some great contacts, and had wonderful weather to boot.

We were feeling blessed that customers were commenting that they really liked our shirts-namely our designs and messages. We felt that we had accomplished our mission of creating tasteful designs that have a message about God.

A great day came to a perfect ending when exceeded our sales goal for the day, and we even made sales while we were packing up our boxes in the twilight dusk light.
Our new canopy and chairs was a cinch to put away and all was well.
Until we got on the road, that is…
No sooner than I turned the corner out of the Pottstown High School Field did I hear a funny familiar rattling sound. I drove a little further and stopped.
I took out my flashlight and sure enough we had a flat tire.
The road was pitch black, the town unfamiliar, the new Land Rover on loan from my husband-intimidating!!!Luckily, we were in close enough proximity to go back to get some help. Rasheeda walked back and grabbed some Passionfest security.

One thing about rural towns – there are lots of manly men who know lots about cars and trucks. This one man had a Land Rover himself and was able to help us out. They had our tire change done no time…a younger man of the three asked to say a prayer for us, and they all huddled around us and prayed for our traveling mercies.
It is an awesome thing to be in the company of other believers. We may not know one another, but we are truly one in the spirit.

My husband called triple A, and they came amazingly fast & reinforced the job.
We stayed at a motel in a nearby town, and hit the road in the morning….

We made a wrong turn in PA, which put us about 20 miles and ½ hr out of our way-but we made it back to NY safe and sound.

Dee wrote and told us that about one hundred teens came to Christ that day at the Passionfest.

We will continue to follow the passion…
Praise His Holy name!!!


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